Sci-fi anime VR visual novel experience ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos launched on Oculus Quest in December and quickly rose to become one of the best rated titles on the headset. Now the app has launched on SteamVR for PC VR users to enjoy.

As an anime experience featuring “robot battles, pop music, and emotion,” Altdeus might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but those looking for this kind of experience have given the game top marks on Oculus Quest. Currently the game ranks as the 2nd best-rated paid app on Quest, with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 against more than 650 reviews.

Now Altdeus has launched on SteamVR, opening the door to players across the PC VR landscape. Interestingly, the experience is being sold for $30 (which is $10 cheaper than the Quest version), plus an additional launch discount of 10% (ending soon).

Altdeus promises 15–20 hours of gameplay with “one of the largest branching storylines ever in a VR game.” Here’s the trailer and premise straight from developer MyDearest Inc.

Become Chloe, a mecha pilot who will have her revenge and annihilate the Meteora once and for all. Pilot a giant mecha and make the decisions to determine humanity’s future. Explore new choices to uncover new branches of the story and discover all of ALTDEUS’ endings! Discover the truth, destroy the enemy, and enjoy the cyberspace pop concerts!

The studio also says the experience is heavily designed around player comfort and “highly recommended for people who don’t have a high tolerance against motion sickness.”

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Though it takes place 300 years in the future, Altdeus is actually a sequel of TOKYO CHRONOS (2019), a previously released VR experience by the same studio. With both titles now available on Steam, the developer is selling both games in a bundle with a 24% discount.

Altdeus: Beyond Chronos is also available on Oculus PC and due to launch on PSVR on April 15th.

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  • I may have to finally check these games out!

  • Anonymous

    This is a very good game (or maybe i should say experience) if you are ok with the notion of just playing along with the storyline and follow prompts. This isn’t for you if you just want to mindlessly gun down everything that moves.

    Save for multi-ending dialogue branches and some minor static environment exploration, there is very little to actually “do” in the game. It is the story, the voice acting, the music, and freaking GIANT ROBOTs that make the experience awesome and immersive.

    And do yourself a favour and switch to the original Japanese voices at title screen and cope with reading subtitles. The English dub, like 99% of all foreign animes or movies, is horrendous.