hand tracking

hand tracking


Leap Motion Releases Major Tracking Update and New Demos to Show It Off

Leap Motion builds the leading markerless hand-tracking technology, and today the company revealed a update which they claim brings major improvements "across the board."...

Vive Focus to Get 6DOF Controller Mode, Optical Hand-tracking for Gesture Input

While it's exciting to start seeing 6DOF standalone VR headsets like the Vive Focus and Mirage Solo, both unfortunately include a 3DOF controller which...

Oculus Claims Breakthrough in Hand-tracking Accuracy

One of Facebook's underlying goals for VR is to use it as a means of connecting distant people. While today friends can talk and...

Google Demonstrates Promising Low-cost, Mobile Inside-out Controller Tracking

A number of standalone VR headsets will be hitting the market in 2018, but so far none of them offer positional (AKA 6DOF) controller...

VRgineers to Integrate Leap Motion Hand-tracking Into Its Wide FOV VRHero Headset

Enterprise VR headset manufacturer VRgineers and Leap Motion, the company behind its eponymous optical hand tracker, announced they're working together to embed Leap Motion's...

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