VR Game

VR Game

Is This the Future of Augmented Reality Gaming?

One of my favorite YouTube directors, Freddie Wong happened to make a video that is quite relevant to this site. The video is called...

Silicon Micro Display ST1080 HMD + Steel Battalion = Awesome

Today I was thinking about Silicon Micro Display's ST1080 head mounted display. This unique HMD has a 10% transparent screen. When I first head...

Battlefield 3 Virtual Reality Simulator Episode from The Gadget Show Now Available Online! [video]

As I posted the other week, The Gadget Show put together an awesome Battlefield 3 virtual reality simulator which would be featured on their...

Battlefield 3 Played in a Virtual Reality Simulator [video]

Battlefield 3 is set to be one of the biggest games of the 2011 season thanks to its impressively life-like graphics and sound-design. I...

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