tinyBuild Games and Steel Wool Studios announced their upcoming VR take on viral indie hit Hello Neighbor is landing on PSVR 2, Quest 2, and SteamVR headsets later this month.

Update (May 12th, 2023): tinyBuild and Steel Wool revealed Hello Neighbor VR is coming on May 25th to all major VR headsets. Pre-orders are already available on Quest. You can also wishlist on Steam and PSVR.

In the meantime, the studios have released a new gameplay trailer. The original article announcing Hello Neighbor VR follows below:

Original Article (November 7th, 2022): If you haven’t played before, Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game all about sneaking into your neighbor’s house to figure out what horrible secrets he’s hiding in the basement. The neighbor’s AI learns from your every move, so when you find a nice window to habitually climb through, you’ll probably find a bear trap there next go-around.

In franchise’s first VR game, you take on the role of six neighborhood heroes as they “confront their fears to free their friend, who is held captive in a bizarre basement prison,” the studios say.

“You’ll need to learn and master each of their unique abilities to solve puzzles, uncover mysteries, and make it out of the neighbor’s house in one piece, all while trying to avoid capture by the creepy Neighbor himself! Just the thought of it sends our heartbeats racing!”

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Here’s how tinyBuild and Steel Wool describe the action:

  • Multiple playable characters: Switch between characters to outsmart the AI. Each unique character has their own key items and skills. Switch between the perspectives of the Rescue Squad team members at will, solving puzzles and avoiding the Neighbor as you attempt to reach the creepy basement!
  • Environmental puzzles require creative solutions: You will have to increasingly use your wits to find alternate solutions to a dynamic range of puzzles and challenging environmental obstacles. Many puzzles that may seem unsolvable at first glance require you to use the perspectives of multiple characters in conjunction to overcome them.
  • Non-linear exploration: Use your own approach to infiltrate Mr. Peterson’s house by alternating perspectives, combining character’s skills to dynamically solve puzzles, uncover hidden mysteries, and reveal new pathways through your environment.
  • Confront your fears: Experience nightmarish dream sequences and learn more about the secrets of the Hello Neighbor universe!

It’s not clear whether Hello Neighbor VR is simultaneously launching on SteamVR, Quest 2, and PSVR 2, however the game’s Steam page says it’s releasing on February 22nd, 2023. That’s when PSVR 2 is set to launch too.

To create the game, Hello Neighbor developers tinyBuild is working with VR developers Steel Wool Studios, which is best known for the breakout-hit Five Nights at Freddy’s and the VR adaptation Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted.

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  • Wes Osborne

    This looks great

  • religionBullshit

    VR is slowing dying, in part thanks to cheap crap games like this one. No AAA games, expensive uncomfortable and mediocre FOV VR headsets. It will be a shame if VR ended up in the same path of 3D tv’s

    • 3872Orcs

      How do you know it’s cheap and crap? I think this game looked like one of the more interesting ones announced by Sony. Also it is a well known series (albeit a rather new one) on PC, we’re lucky to have it arrive native to VR.

    • Cless

      You got no clue what you’re talking about. The market just keeps growing and making more money each passing month. You comparing it to 3D TVs is flatout embarrasing, and I’m pretty sure everyone around here will remember you in a couple years just like we remember now the guys that said “the internet is a fad, it will die out by the 2000s”

      • sfmike

        There is a comparison to the demise of 3D TV as once the investors and board of directors of the big tech companies saw, for various reasons, that their investment in 3D technology wasn’t going to bring them the billions in profits they had hoped for they pulled out support even with a nice niche consumer space. The same can happen with VR if investment money runs out and it could when banks and investors look at the money META is losing and the lack of VR advancement in the marketplace. In fact, if you look at what’s being marketed to investors now it’s all AR and not VR as to the investment community VR has already failed. A lot rides with what happens with Apple and how their product is received by the financial community as Meta lost its investor appeal.

        • Cless

          No dude, not even close.
          First of all, Meta isn’t losing that much money, not in VR anyways, they are investing hard, sure, but they created the biggest platform out there, and that has a lot of value. The numbers are very distorted because Facebook as in, the website, is going to shit and has been bleeding for quite a while now since they peaked a couple years back, plus other shenanigans the company has done.

          3DTV was a dead technology from the get go. Nobody in the cinema industry really wanted to do it because it was and is a pain to do movies in 3D. Nobody wants to put or have glasses to watch TV, just like nobody will want to put VR headsets to do that.
          Hillariously enough, VR might save what’s left of that, since VR is the best way to watch those movies now lol

          The VR industry on the other hand, is just flatout not going away, just look at Sony, how well they did with PSVR and how they are doubling down on PSVR2.
          Maybe the enterprise side of VR will die, that’s a very real possibility, since business don’t rely on it to be productive except for niche scenarios, but the gaming side? Its here to stay, not seeing that is crazy.

          And again, higher than linear growth in PCVR, close to exponential in Mobile VR… where the hell do you take that there is a “lack of VR advancement in the marketplace”?

        • shadow9d9

          Research isnt losing money.

    • ViRGiN

      VR isn’t dying, but definietly is over-filled with this kind of crap games.

      I loved my 3D TV, but it barely had any content available. Most movies were post-converted. Gaming was a chore, with limited number of titles supported and you needed the right brand of 3D TV/monitor to game with Nvidia.

      • Cless

        Hilariously enough, those same 3D movies have now a second life in VR, and they look better than ever there lol

        PS. I did send you a super long message on the other thread, but has been detected as spam I believe… :/

        • ViRGiN

          I dont think there is any game-changing experience between any 3D TV technology. or watching them in VR. Some were passive glasses, some were active, some had more-or-less ghosting, but I dont think any of that was ever an issue. At the triple A level, it was pretty much Avatar movie. Then you had a bunch of post-release conversion to 3D, and these did nothing more than to prove 3D is a gimmick. Yet you had full PC games supporting 3D, and these were awesome, but rare in existence. I’ve seen recently an uprise of shilling for real-time-2D-to-3D conversions, but these are based off simple algorithms, with no true AI being used. No 2D-to-3D output even half-automated ever resulted in good experience. It’s super laborous, unless you shoot in 3D, and render in 3D, not convert it after.

          I saw your post, couldn’t reply as it said its not active, but I pasted my reply onto other comment of yours.

          • Cless

            You are100% right here and I couldn’t agree more with you.
            3D monitors, a COMPLETELY different beast, and I wish it had continued until VR could have taken its torch. We would have so many more access to older games to hack into VR quite decently if that were the case…

            Also, I didn’t get a notification for that message you say! Could you check on your own comments it hasn’t been flagged like mine somehow? (I can’t check it myself since your profile is private)

          • ViRGiN

            your post was gone after refresh

          • Cless

            It was a bible long, no wonder it was detected as spam lol
            Well, at least I know you read it, which is something I guess. I hope we can continue being more civilized than that time, I think we both are way to passionate about our shit, but we clearly agree in many things as well.

          • ViRGiN

            i don’t think we were uncivilized; but spreading false info about what i said or did not say is not a good thing; nobody will do actual research and you’re essentially labeling me

          • Cless

            Oh, my apology was sincere about that on my previous long post. I really thought it was you who told me. I definitely read it here, it just must have been someone else. Misrepresenting your point maliciously would beat any purpose of actually discussing with you about anything.

          • ViRGiN

            I want to hear from you about the todays “peemax frontier” event. They literally made a Nintendo Switch/Steam Deck, runing Android games, paired with VR mode. You’ve always been of opinion that any investments in VR is a good thing (correct?) – yet this is the perfectest (is that even a word?) example of absolute dogshit diluting the VR waters that matters to noone. It’s about an hour long. Treat it as a comedy show, cause that’s what it really is. Oh, and it’s coming to Kickstarter, after 20 million dollars being invested into company.

          • Cless

            I had to watch it before answering you, I hadn’t seen/read anything about it yet. I skipped a bit over it but got the gist of it.

            Huh, I had to rewrite this. I was writing while watching it and I was making quite a scathing review filled with jokes about them and stuff. Specially because of the painful amateur editing job.

            I mean, I don’t think this will be a good product, they would need to get all these three points to even be seriously considered:
            -Price is as low or very close to the Switch//Quest 2.
            -They actually deliver (with these guys you never know)
            -When and if they deliver, its not trash and rough as hell.

            I think its an interesting concept though, and they won’t pull it off, but if instead it was Nintendo, Sony or MS doing it, I could see how something like that could work, kinda like… a supercharged Switch LABO.

            Personally, I wouldn’t buy it, I’m just not interested in it, but I could see people buying it for teenagers/young kids you don’t trust the “real toys” with, like Varjo, Quest Pro and such. That’s why my emphasis on low price was so important.

            Regarding the points you brought up, I mostly agree with you. I would have agreed with you 100% if they had done this a couple years back though. I think VR can take now people selling this kind of stuff. Enough people now what “Real VR” is nowadays, since there are so many good VR headsets out there.
            Also, to be honest, 20mil is… peanuts when talking about companies, you could make 2 AA games with that kind of money, or a lowbudget AAA game, that’s how little money that is.
            I would argue they shouldn’t need to rely on KS, but most likely they are using it as a tool to proof there is interest on it to the people with the money, not so much because they “need it”. Still, super anti-consumer they are doing it, and it sucks hard.

            So bottom line, yeah, I think we agree and we are on the same page regarding them lol

      • ViRGiN

        I loved my 3D TV, but it dumped me for Gaben… sad memories

    • Mr.Philgood

      Red Matter 2, Green Hell, Iron Man VR, The Walking Dead… just to name a few AAA games. By the way, a AAA game is a game produced and distributed by a mid-sized or major publisher.

      The Quest 2 is one of the best selling gaming console on Amazon since October 2021. VR has never been bigger before. PCVR might be dying, but not VR in general.

      • david vincent

        PCVR won’t die, there always be always niche users like simmers

        • ViRGiN

          no, it died, and simmers aren’t a market, they are just niche users.

    • david vincent

      Kiddos and their AAA games…

    • namekuseijin

      AAA gaming is dying because kids have grown playing these shalloware…

      that said, this looks like a rather nice stealth game. don’t be so harsh on indies…

    • Frozenbizkit

      I don’t believe in god.. But damn you need god but damn you’re just full of negativity. People like you need Jesus or god in your life. Otherwise you’re just miserable.

    • Kenny Thompson

      Very effective troll. Congrads I guess?

  • Seems fun!

  • Ender772

    the trailer shows nothing

  • duked

    YES!!! <3