Following the revelations from the Microsoft and Bethesda presentations, this is a second roundup of news from E3 2017, currently taking place in Los Angeles. E3 technically starts today, but here’s what happened yesterday, with announcements from Intel, Ubisoft and Sony.

Intel, Oculus & ESL Look to Accelerate VR eSports:

Insomniac’s The Unspoken | Image courtesy Insomniac Games

During the PC Gaming Show powered by Intel, the company announced a VR esports ‘Challenger League’ in partnership with ESL and Oculus. Gamers will compete for a prize pool of over $200,000 using Insomniac Games’ magical dueller The Unspoken and Ready At Dawn’s zero-G, disc-throwing game Echo Arena, the multiplayer spin-off from Lone Echo.

Lone Echo launches July 20th, Multiplayer Spin-Off Echo Arena Free:

Lone Echo | Image courtesy Ready at Dawn

Ready At Dawn’s Rift-exclusive action game Lone Echo has been given a July 20th release date, priced at $40. It is now available for preorder with a 10% discount. The multiplayer mode, which looks and plays rather differently to the single player campaign, is now a separate release (also launching July 20th) named Echo Arena, shown in this trailer, and will be free for a limited time for all Rift owners. An early access beta weekend starts June 23rd.

Linkin Park VR Experience Launched:

Intel also presented their partnership with Linkin Park, who are releasing a VR experience with the help of AR/VR production studio Spatialand. Linkin Park VR Destination will feature music, contests, merchandise, and the ability to unlock secret fan experiences and events created by the band.

An Effort to Hack PSVR 2 to Support PC VR Has Been Put on Indefinite Hold

Ubisoft Reveals New VR Thriller Transference:

Photo courtesy Ubisoft

The VR highlight of Ubisoft’s E3 presentation was Transference, a psychological thriller developed by Ubisoft Montreal and Elijah Wood’s content studio SpectreVision. Due to launch in Spring 2018, the experience claims to be part game, part movie, and a ‘true collaboration between Hollywood and gaming’, promising a multi-branching narrative and ‘unparalleled presence’.

Ubisoft Unveils Multiplayer VR Shooter Space Junkies:

image courtesy Ubisoft

While it didn’t make an appearance at Ubisoft’s main presentation, a new VR arcade shooter called Space Junkies was also announced yesterday, described as a “jetpack-fueled arcade shooter developed exclusively for virtual reality gaming”. Shootouts take place in microgravity ‘Orbital Arenas’ with 1v1 or 2v2 combat. The game launches for Rift (Touch required) and Vive in spring 2018.

Skyrim VR Announced for PSVR:

Bethesda stayed silent about this one to let Sony reveal Skyrim VR at their main keynote, alongside several other PSVR games. The trailer appeared to show the full Skyrim experience carried over to VR, and played with motion-controlled input. The game is coming exclusively to PSVR this November, but it is likely to come to other VR platforms at a later date.

Sony Reveals 5 Brand New PSVR Games:

Moss | image courtesy Polyarc

Alongside the Skyrim VR reveal, Sony’s E3 presentation featured a significant ‘PlayStation VR Game’ section, where they announced 5 brand new VR games, each with a trailer. Star Child from Playful Corp, The Inpatient and Bravo Team from Supermassive Games, Final Fantasy: Monsters of the Deep from Square Enix, and Moss from Polyarc.

Superhot Comes to PSVR:


Revealed during the pre-show for the main presentation, Superhot VR is finally coming to PSVR. The heavily-stylised, time-bending shooter has been thrilling VR gamers on PC since its initial launch in December 2016, and was given a ‘summer 2017’ release window for Sony’s headset.

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