First Look at Windows Holographic VR Headsets from Dell, HP, Acer & 3Glasses

Images courtesy Windows Central

Here’s a visual tour of some of the first VR headsets to be shown adopting Microsoft’s new Windows Holographic platform. At CES Acer, 3Glasses, Dell, HP and Lenovo are all showing VR headsets due for 2017, this is what they’ll look like.

Hands-on: Noitom’s Hi5 VR Glove Brings Compelling Finger Tracking to the Vive


VR input gloves are getting a big boost thanks to HTC’s newly revealed Vive Tracker. The combination of Noitom’s Hi5 VR glove and the Tracker forms a surprisingly compelling input experience that adds finger-level fidelity to Vive experiences.

Huawei’s Mate 9 Pro is Daydream-compatible, Future Phones to Include Tango

Huawei VR headset, Image courtesy Huawei

Amit Singh, lead of business and operations at Google’s VR/AR team, today officially announced on stage during the Huawei keynote speech that the Huawei Mate 9 Pro and Mate 9 Porsche Design will be the next phones to conform to the Daydream VR platform. While this generation of Huawei handsets won’t have Tango support, unlike Asus’ ZenFone AR which supports both Daydream and Tango, Google says they’ll be working to bring the platform’s AR capabilities to future Huawei devices.

Samsung Gear VR Install Base Has Passed 5 Million Headsets


Samsung confirms 5+ million Gear VR headsets are now in use worldwide, announced at their CES 2017 keynote. The Gear VR headset launched in November 2015, and was the first high-quality VR solution for smartphones.

Yes, TPCast’s Wireless VR Solution Does Work with Vive’s New Deluxe Headstrap


Wondering if Vive’s newly announced powered up Deluxe Audio Strap upgrade will work with TPCast’s promising wireless VR solution? Wonder no longer.

Magic Leap CEO: “We have made something that is small, mobile, powerful, and we think pretty cool”

An early concept teaser photo from Magic Leap

Magic Leap is a mystery. Parsing through their pre-factual, post-cool ad campaign leaves you with the impression that the brains at the company have created the next be-all and end-all of augmented reality devices thanks to an ingenious light field display technology; and as a curious onlooker, getting a peek of the $4.5 billion startup‘s tech will cost you exactly one non-disclosure agreement. Ok. Probably several. Now founder and CEO Rony Abovitz offers a bit more in his recent blog post entitled Creativity Matters, where he speaks about some of the changes coming to the company in 2017, and for what it’s worth, says it’ll be “a big year for Magic Leap.”

Brain-Controlled VR Experiences: Challenges & Potentials


Dhiraj-JeyanandarajanWhen I attended the Experiential Technology Conference in May 2016, I heard from a number of commercial off-the-shelf brain-control interface manufacturers that their systems would not natively work with VR headsets because there are some critical portions on the head that are occluded by VR headset straps. Companies like Mindmaze VR are building in integrated EEG hardware primarily for high-end medical applications, and perhaps we’ll start to see more EEG hardware integrations in 2017.

Noitom’s Hi5 VR Gloves Track Your Fingers Powered by Vive’s Tracking Puck


Noitom have unveiled their VR gloves which aim to put your hands and fingers into virtual reality with motion tracking provided courtesy of HTC’s recently launched Vive Tracker accessory.

‘vTime’ Becomes Most Widely-Available Social VR Platform


With social VR platform vTime’s recent launch on Google Daydream, the UK-based company vTime Limited can proudly say they’ve created the most-widely available social VR platform in the world. Used by people in 195 countries, vTime is both free and cross-compatible with Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, iPhone and now Google Daydream.

FOVE Begins Shipping $599 Eye-Tracking Headset this Month


Eye-tracking is oft called the ‘next generation technology’ for VR headsets—lest we forget FOVE, the creators of the world’s first commercially available eye-tracking VR headset, the aptly named FOVE 0. The company has recently announced that they’ll begin shipping FOVE 0 around the world starting January 2017.

Pico Bumps the Resolution in Newly Revealed Version of Mobile VR Headset


Pico Technology, a China-based VR hardware company, today unveiled the latest iteration of their mobile VR headset, the Pico Neo CV. Pico hasn’t published any price information yet, but has stated it will launch in the the US later this year.

Hands-on: HTC’s New Vive Tracker Makes VR More Immersive With Specialized Accessories


The Vive accessory market is about to get a huge boost thanks to the newly announced HTC Vive Tracker. Gaming, training, and more benefit from the enhanced immersion that comes from wielding “real” tools, weapons, and instruments.

Intel Says Project Alloy VR/AR Headsets Are Coming in Q4 2017

Photo courtesy Intel

Intel revealed at their CES 2017 press conference that Project Alloy, their standalone mixed reality headset and reference platform, would be productized “by” Q4 2017 in partnership with major OEMs.

1,000 Vive Trackers to be Given Away to Developers Ahead of Launch


vive-tracker-featured-1HTC’s new Vive Tracker accessory was announced today, and while the company says it will launch to consumers in Q2 2017, ahead of that release HTC plans to give away at least 1,000 to VR developers.

Vive Tracker Enables a Bevy of Bats, Guns, Gloves, and Other Tracked Accessories


Today at CES 2017 HTC announced the Vive Tracker, a standalone tracking module that’s designed to attach to anything to become tracked in the virtual world.


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